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It is not a secret that Rocky Point Mexico is one of the best places to enjoy the sun, sea and beach in Mexico, near the US border. But if you do not know yet, here we tell 5 activities in Rocky Point you’re missing out and you cannot miss in your visit to this fascinating destination:  
  1. Have an exciting excursion in the desert
  Something that characterizes Rocky Point is its natural wealth and beautiful desert landscapes. It is an amazing and exciting for those who like outdoor adventure experience. One of the attractions of the area is the Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate, in the Great Desert of Altar, where you can admire the dunes, volcanoes and fauna that include endemic species. In addition, there is a desert place approaching the coast, where the tide is very low and you can see the marine life that inhabits the region.   2. Living a relaxing beach experience   Rocky Point has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, with warm, calm waters ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling. Its sand beaches have such a nice texture that feels soft to the touch if your idea is sunbathing and tanning. One of the most beautiful beaches is Sandy Beach, there are several hotels but for me the best resort of Rocky Point is “Las Palmas”.   3. Take a delightful walk along the jetty, by the sea shore   Walking along the 450 meters from the jetty is the ideal excuse to feel the sea breeze and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world, framed by the stunning scenery offered by the Sea of Cortes. In addition, the jetty brings together numerous restaurants, crafts, pubs, bars and other stores that might interest you. Whether you prefer a romantic walk or enjoy with friends or family, the jetty of Rocky Point it’s the perfect place.   4. Feel the adrenaline with water sports   One of the main activities in Rocky Point is water sports events. The most popular definitely is the annual fishing tournament that attracts hundreds of participants from around the world. Also they held competitions of sailboats and triathlons. If you like to participate in these events, Rocky Point is an excellent choice or if you like being a spectator is also a very good opportunity to enjoy these sports up on a Jet Ski or kayak.   5. Taste the flavors of paradise   And after having done all these activities, what do you think if you enjoy excellent dishes of the cuisine of Rocky Point? All the seafood is fresh, just taken from the sea. There are places and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, from palapas and carts to luxurious restaurants. I recommend you to have a lunch or dinner in the jetty area, where in addition to be delighted with the rich food, you will you’ll be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Sea of Cortez.   Rocky Point offers activities for families, to enjoy a romantic getaway, for a relaxing weekend, for friends … for everyone!   Now you have no excuse, if you’re not taking advantage of all that Rocky Point has for you is just because you don’t want to.