Puerto Penasco Hotels

Las Palmas Resort is one of the complexes belonging to Puerto Penasco Hotels located in this beautiful city. Thanks to the fame that this place has had, for many years, it has become one of the favorite sites for foreigners and nationals. Americans take a vacation to have a moment of fun and relaxation at these well-known resorts.

One of the reasons why Americans decide to travel to Mexico is because of the closeness that exists between these two countries. Also, because of the culture and fun that can only be found in this Mexican territory.

Why Should You Choose Puerto Peñasco As Your Next Tourist Destination?

Puerto Peñasco is characterized by the diverse activities it offers, which are suitable for all audiences. It is a space that has a very particular beauty because the combination of the beautiful Sea of Cortez and the various hotel complexes are very attractive to people. Similarly, in Puerto Peñasco, many natural spots can provide tourists with an ideal space to relax or to carry out adventure and fun activities. It is possible to say that within this city, it is possible to obtain a balance between moments of adventure and peace.

Puerto Penasco Hotels offer amazing swimming pools, pool bars, direct access to a private beach, stunning views, a full-service spa, concierge services, air conditioning for better comfort, a tennis court, and friendly staff.

What Activities Can Be Done In Puerto Peñasco?

  • Being a strong point of tourism, many things can be done in this city.
  • Visitors can spend a pleasant time on any of the beaches found in Puerto Peñasco, mainly Sandy Beach, which is characterized by the golden colors of its sand.
  • One of the activities you should never miss is diving in one of the most abundant seas in the world, the Sea of Cortez.
  • One of the most popular tours in Puerto Peñasco is whale watching, so if you visit this city in February, it’s definitely a must-see.
  • You can enjoy a relaxing game of golf in the Puerto Penasco Hotels area, which is very close to Las Palmas Resort.
  • Walking along the Puerto Peñasco boardwalk is an excellent option if you want to learn about the activities carried out in the city. The malecon area has several shops where you can buy local crafts to give to your family or friends. There are also many restaurants and bars in the area.

Reasons Why Las Palmas Resort Is Your Best Option

Since Las Palmas belongs to the Puerto Penasco Hotels, you’ll be sure to stay in a place of quality and comfort. So, if you are looking for space where you can enjoy the beach and a stay that makes you feel comfortable, this resort is your best option.

Accommodation in Puerto Peñasco tends to be very expensive, mainly because it is a very touristy place, and if you want to stay in a resort, prices can triple. In Las Palmas, we are very aware of that, so we offer the best prices for you and your family or friends to enjoy the Puerto Penasco Hotels.

We know that the attention to the client is a fundamental element for our guests; for that reason, we have a team of people who will specifically take care of the doubts and the necessities that can have the people who stay in Las Palmas Resort.

Many times it is difficult for several people to stay in one room, which means spending more money. Also, it can be a significant inconvenience when traveling with family, so in Las Palmas, we offer rooms where four or six people can be accommodated in one space.

Puerto Penasco Hotels must have areas adapted for all ages, so in Las Palmas Resort, we have an exclusive pool for children where they can enjoy unforgettable adventures. For the older ones, we have a bar that is located right in the center of the main pool, and if a little more tranquility is desired, our guests can enjoy the Jacuzzi.

Thanks to the fact that Las Palmas Resort is located in an area of Puerto Penasco Hotels, people can enjoy the exquisite food prepared in the various restaurants that are located near the area.

If there is any doubt about which places can be visited in Puerto Peñasco, we will gladly advise our guests so that they can get to know everything this city and its surroundings have to offer.

At Las Palmas Resort, we want you to enjoy all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer and have the vacation you’ve been waiting for. That’s why our facilities are adapted so that you and your family or friends can live the experience of being in Puerto Peñasco to the fullest. Don’t worry anymore about the accommodation and the price, in Las Palmas Resort we offer you the lowest prices, the best facilities, amenities, and of course 24-hour security because we want you to live the best vacation.


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