Resort Rules

Everyone at Las Palmas, whether you are an owner, a guest of an owner, or a renter, is part of a community where emphasis is placed on making sure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the resort. With that goal in mind, we ask that everyone adhere to these rules. In doing so, we will be able to ensure a quality experience for everyone

Swimming Pool Areas / Beach Area

  • Las Palmas maintains a ZERO Tolerance Policy on threatening or abusive behavior. Harassment or physical abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited. Violators of these and other rules are subject to immediate removal from the property without any refunds.
  • Owners, guests of owners, and renters must wear the appropriate wristbands provided in order to identify themselves when in the common areas.
  • Security may ask you to show your wristband at any time.
  • Firearms and fireworks are prohibited per Mexican law.
  • Only the number of guests identified in the reservation are allowed access to the Resort.

Swimming Pool Areas / Beach Area

  • *Please note: Adult only Pool area (Beach Pools) / 18 + years. (Changes to family friendly around October 1st – May 1st)
  • Pool & Jacuzzis hours are 8:00a.m. to 9:45p.m. (Winter hours may differ)
  • There is no lifeguard on duty; children under 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Hot tubs – must be 16 + years. of age. A designated hot tub with kid-friendly water temperature is located by the slide pool.
  • Please rinse off sand before entering the pools.
  • Proper swimwear is required in the pools and hot tubs. Babies/toddlers must wear swim diapers while in the pools.
  • Inner tubes and floatation devices over 36” are prohibited. Balls, frisbees, and water guns are not allowed.
  • NO Diving, jumping, running or climbing on the rocks or waterfalls. Fines may apply.
  • Please limit the use of hot tubs to 20 minutes if others are waiting.
  • Canopies or any other types of shade not provided by the Resort are not allowed by or in the pool areas.
  • Music devices only permitted in the pool or common areas with the use of headphones.
  • NO glass in common areas or on the beach.
  • Only small personal coolers that fit comfortably under the lounge chairs (12”) are allowed in pool / hot tub areas.
  • Food is prohibited inside pools and hot tubs. NO food permitted beyond the pool bar top in any pool.
  • Please don’t move lounge chairs to other areas.
  • NO Smoking of any kind on Resort’s common grounds or beach per 2023 government regulations.
  • Excessive noise and foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Be courteous by not “reserving” palapas or lounge chairs by placing objects on them if you are not using them. If unattended for 60 min. or longer, items may be removed.
  • Don’t leave canopies, tents, or personal belongings on the beach. Beach cleaning is done overnight by the city and you may be fined.
  • To avoid fines, please pick up your trash around pools, hot tubs, beach and any other area.
  • Clubhouse open 7:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.


  • Only owners are permitted to have pets on the Resort grounds.
  • Renters or guest of owners are not permitted to bring in any type of pet (including service pets) unless the owner is present and remains present the entire time.

Grill Areas / Pergolas

  • The use of grills is only allowed in the designated areas located at each building.
  • Grills can be used from 8:00a.m. to 9:45p.m.
  • Please take care of them. They have been set up for your use and enjoyment. Please extinguish fire or charcoal when finished and leave the area clean.

Condominium / Villa Units

  • Do not hang any items over the railings.
  • Please keep personal speakers to a moderate volume, no loud music or noise to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Quiet time is from 10pm to 9am. Please keep balcony conversations low. Preapproval from the HOA management required for any live music (band or DJ)
  • Tents, canopies, flotation devices and trash are prohibited from being left on Villa patios, grass, and garden areas.
  • Absolutely NO sitting, standing, or leaning over balcony walls/railings on villas or condos. Fines and or eviction may apply.
  • Absolutely NO climbing on the villa roofs/domes. Fines and / or eviction may apply.
  • Villa grounds are private areas. Please do not walk between villas or use their patios.
  • Use the walkways and stairs/ramps provided to access the beach. The sand dunes in front of the villas are unstable and are not to be used.

Parking / Streets

  • 1-bedroom unit – 1 car permitted
  • 1.5 / 2-bedroom unit – 1 or 2 cars permitted, depending on unit. Please inquire.
  • 3-bedroom unit – 3 cars permitted
  • Villa renters must park in the garage or driveway. Parking is not allowed in other areas unless approved by HOA Management. Number of spaces may vary per villa, please inquire.
  • Trailers count as a vehicle and must be parked in the garage, designated area within the Resort, or in the designated area outside the Resort. Trailers are not permitted in villa driveways.
  • All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. Vehicles in violation may be towed and fined.
  • No parking on the street or grass. Fines may apply.
  • We have limited parking space. Recreational vehicles, including ATVs, must be put back on the trailer when not in use.
  • Speed limit 5 miles per hour within the Resort.
  • No drones allowed unless prior authorization is given by the HOA office.
  • No sleeping inside vehicles.
  • Sand rails, Razors, quads or any vehicle that causes excessive noise will not be allowed to be driven into the Resort after 10p.m.


  • Open 7:00a.m. – 9:45p.m.
  • Proper attire required; no bathing suits allowed.
  • Must be 16+ to use the gym.

ELEVATORS: Do not use the elevators if you are dripping wet. Other than damaging common property, this is a safety hazard for elevator users. Anyone in violation may be subject to a fine.

LUGGAGE CARTS: If you are using the Building’s Luggage Cart, please be courteous and return it to its designated area (corridor) right after you unload your luggage. There is only one per building for everyone’s use. If the cart is found to be in your condo for longer than its intended use, you may be subject to a fine.

Las Palmas at Rocky Point HOA, A.C. is not responsible for any incidents or accidents, including lost or stolen items, in or out of the Resort.


Las Palmas at Rocky Point HOA, A.C.
Issued: September 2021
Modified: March 17th, 2023

* Must be 23+ of age to rent