For those who enjoy travel without the crowds and higher costs, traveling in the slow season is ideal. While many people don’t have the luxury of a flexible vacation time due to work or family, it may be worth the extra preparations needed! Often with these other responsibilities, the only convenient time is during the summer months. However, a higher price is often paid for flights and hotels, not to mentions bigger crowds.

But if you can manage it, consider taking a holiday around November through February, as there are many advantages to vacationing during this time. A warmer climate such as Puerto Peñasco Sonora, México (better known as Rocky Point) is the perfect location to unwind, and a beachfront resort is the perfect location. Las Palmas Resort is the perfection accommodation for your stay. Here’s why!

You Get the Best Rates During slow season, not as many people travel, and hotels and resorts will lower their rates to attract more customers. This is the perfect time for you to take advantage of the lower rates and save a little money! And because there aren’t as many people around, you have the unique opportunity to book your stay with us on a whim, as we will surely have plenty of available accommodation to choose from, at very good rates.

You Will Have More Privacy A vacation in Mexico during the slow season ensures that you will have a quiet and restful stay. The common areas of our slice of paradise are less crowded, affording you more privacy and less worry about navigating around many people as you try to enjoy your holiday. And when you do crave the company of people, great tours and nightlife are never far away.

You will Have a More Restful Sleep Enjoy a full and restful night’s sleep in a tranquil setting during the slow season. We offer beachfront suites and villas, with Jacuzzi, a gym and an excellent private beach. Wake up to the calming sounds of the ocean and begin your day in our comfortable accommodations.

Restaurants are Not Crowded This is great for romantic getaways. You will enjoy a more intimate experience with your sweetheart as you dine in a relaxed atmosphere, and not have to fight the crowds with restaurant reservations and hurried wait staff. Enjoy sumptuous meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients in a way that is does not leave you feeling rushed.

The Beaches are More Tranquil Enjoy the sun and fresh air along our private beach. It provides a relaxation unlike any other, where you almost feel as though the beach is yours and yours alone. It is perfect for a long walk just after sunrise, and during sunset, the photo opportunities are seemingly endless. You will have the chance to capture that perfect sunset beach shot, without the hassle of other people getting in the way. Come explore Rocky Point during the slow season and see why staying with us during this time of year will ensure you have a more enjoyable and restful stay.