Certainly, vacations are the best excuse to get away from routine, spend quality time with our loved ones, and enjoy a moment of relaxation. That is why many tourists decide to travel to Puerto Peñasco, since they know that in this place they will find everything they need to enjoy their vacations.

Sometimes, no matter how long you have been planning your vacation, or where you are going to go, in the end there are always some doubts. One of the most common doubts is about the season in which it is best to visit Puerto Peñasco, because depending on this, vacations could be more fun.

One of the most demanded tourist destinations
Puerto Peñasco has always been characterized by the beauty of its unique nature, one of the reasons why it is such a sought after place. However, it is also true that its warm weather and the attractions it has to offer, especially for tourists looking to escape the cold, have a great influence.

Main attractions
For people who have never heard of Puerto Peñasco, it may be hard to believe, however, in its 110 kilometers of coastline, you can perform a countless number of activities. So, no matter if you are looking to take beautiful pictures of the scenery or venture into some extreme sport, in Puerto Peñasco you will find the perfect activity for you.
Some of the most popular activities in Puerto Peñasco are: boating, scuba diving, jet skiing, fishing, sailing, as well as horseback riding and golf if you wish. But the fun is not only for adults, as mentioned before there are endless activities, which include the kids who can also have fun.

Warm weather almost all year round
In fact, in Puerto Peñasco, you can enjoy outdoor activities most of the time, because although the weather can vary depending on the month, it is always warm. During spring temperatures range from 60 – 80 ºF, in summer the temperature oscillates between 80-105 ºF and it is still pleasant during fall and winter 60 – 75 ºF.
In other words, you can basically say that any time of the year is ideal to visit Puerto Peñasco. Nevertheless, for many people the most pleasant months are from March to May and from September to November, since the weather is more pleasant.
And even on rainy days, the weather is still perfect to go out and have fun, as it is usually just a light drizzle.
Traditional food

One of the reasons why thousands of tourists visit Puerto Peñasco every year is because of its delicious fishing gastronomy. In the different restaurants tourists can taste delicious dishes prepared with seafood, all the ingredients used for cooking are fresh, so its flavor is delicious.

The food is different from what is usually served in other places near the beach, because in addition to having their own dishes, there are gourmet restaurants with unique dishes. One of the most popular dishes in Puerto Peñasco is the costa brava shrimp, which are stuffed with cheese and wrapped in thin strips of bacon, creating a unique flavor.
But this is only a small part of the variety of meals that can be consumed in Puerto Peñasco, in reality there is something for everyone. So even if you don’t like seafood or you are vegetarian, you can find a wide variety of dishes that will undoubtedly leave you delighted.

It is very affordable
Having a low budget should not be an excuse to avoid going on vacation. Even if you have a small budget you can have fun vacationing in this beautiful city, because it is quite affordable compared to other places. Precisely, that is one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world travel to Puerto Peñasco every year.

Both lodging and food are extremely economical and of good quality, it is even common for Puerto Peñasco hotels to have very affordable prices. For the same reason, tourists can spend several days vacationing in Puerto Peñasco, without the need to inhibit any tastes they may have.

Besides, fun can be found everywhere, so even inside the hotel, you can find different attractions to have fun with.

How to choose a good hotel?
The variety of hotels in Puerto Peñasco, as well as the services they usually offer, makes choosing the best hotel a difficult mission. Therefore, to make things easier, you should take into account what are the main characteristics of a quality hotel, so it will be much easier to choose.

Must have a good location
First of all the hotel must be well located, it has to be in an area close enough to be able to get there comfortably. It should also be close to shopping centers, restaurants and other tourist attractions.
Comfortable spaces
The rooms must offer everything necessary for the guest to relax and have everything they need. So they must have appropriate furnishings, to achieve these objectives.

Recreational facilities
Fun has to be guaranteed, that’s why it is necessary to have recreational areas inside or outside the hotel. To get a clearer idea of whether or not the hotel is ideal for a vacation, you can see the images on its website.

The best option to stay
Las Palmas is one of the best hotels in Puerto Peñasco, besides offering professional services of the highest quality, we have everything to ensure fun and relaxation during your vacations. So not only will you be able to spend incredible moments inside our hotel, but you will also be able to explore all the surrounding recreational areas.
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