Las Palmas, a Resort You Must Know If You Are Looking For a Mexico Beach Hotel

Beaches are and will continue to be one of the best options to spend your vacations at any time of the year. A beach is a place that usually brings peace and tranquility; more than a place is a paradise where you can lie on the sand, listen to the waves of the sea and wait for the sunset. It is the perfect place for activities of all kinds, alone or with family or friends.

When looking for a vacation at the beach, it is usually complicated to choose the best hotel to stay in. Puerto Peñasco, for example, being one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, usually receives hundreds and even thousands of tourists throughout the year. Searching for a Mexico Beach Hotel that offers essential services at a reasonable price seems impossible.

In Las Palmas, you will find the best Mexico Beach Hotel. Located right on the beach in Puerto Peñasco, we offer a wide range of services that will make a simple vacation an unforgettable experience. The services provided at Las Palmas are not limited to hotel rooms; other features make this place the best place to vacation.

Comfortable Accommodations

While other Mexico Beach Hotels are limited to offering rooms for one or two guests, at Las Palmas, we offer more than just a room with a good view.

The hotel rooms and the complete units are designed to be spacious, so guests feel at home and don’t just see their room as a place to spend the night. Returning after spending hours at the beach and being able to rest, and cook your favorite meal, among other homey activities, is possible thanks to the comfortable conditions that these rooms offer.

Private Beach

Having a private beach is a bonus that the Mexico Beach Hotel in Las Palmas offers. All public beaches in Puerto Peñasco are beautiful, offering crystal clear water, warm temperatures, and landscapes ideal for taking pictures. However, the comfort of attending these private beaches and having a little more privacy will be a pleasant experience for you to enjoy the beach and the people accompanying you on your trip.

Being able to do any kind of activity, such as exercising or walking, without having to go through several stores is something that only Las Palmas can offer.

Delicious Cuisine

The cuisine offered both in the rooms and in the restaurants located in Las Palmas adds a special touch to the Mexico Beach Hotel.

With a wide variety of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, this restaurant will satisfy the appetite of tourists and guests looking for a good seasoning at mealtime. Meals are not limited to coastal foods such as seafood, as you can find dishes for all tastes.

Variety of Activities

Choosing Las Palmas as Mexico Beach Hotel is one of the best decisions since you can perform hundreds of activities in the sea, air, and land, in the Sonoran desert.

There are several activities you can enjoy in the ocean, and the most traditional one is requesting a boat or a banana boat to ride on the beach of Puerto Peñasco. However, away from all the adrenaline, there is a cruise where you can go through all the landscapes that only the Sea of Cortez can offer, accompanied by good music, food, and drinks. This activity attracts more tourists yearly because the landscapes and sunset allow you to take beautiful pictures.

Continuing with the activities, on land is where more adrenaline activities take place. Accompanied by a guide, you can tour the dunes of this desert and even go sandboarding during the morning, which is the time when the heat descends. However, there is also an interactive museum in this desert for people who like to relax.

Now, one of the most favorite activities by air is to use an ultralight because, in addition to providing adrenaline rushes, you will be able to see the beach from another angle. Something that not all Mexico Beach Hotels can offer.

Professional Staff

If the above isn’t enough to make you choose Las Palmas as your Mexico Beach Hotel, our team will certainly do it. Our professional staff is perfectly trained in their different areas, from the person who welcomes you to the person who serves you the food.

Even logistics services for events such as weddings or celebrations are carried out with unique professionalism.

In Las Palmas, we are one of the best options for Puerto Penasco hotels. Thanks to our affordable prices and the wide variety of services we offer, we are one of the reasons why tourists visit this beautiful beach in the Sea of Cortez year after year. Take away an unforgettable experience by requesting our services at any year’s season.