Puerto Peñasco is and will continue to be one of the favorite tourist places for thousands of foreigners looking to spend their vacations on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, with the nicest weather and hundreds of activities in Puerto Peñasco you can do.

Puerto Peñasco’s beaches are open all year round for anyone who wants to spend a great vacation and have a great experience at any time of the year. You can even go during the winter season, where, while the temperature drops in other places, Puerto Peñasco has a mild climate, and the sea temperature is usually more pleasant.

However, if you are not interested in enjoying the sea all the time, some activities in Puerto Peñasco can be done in other areas, such as the Sonoran desert.

Activities you can do in and out of the sea

There are many activities in Puerto Peñasco that you can do individually or with family and friends. However, here we will show you which activities hundreds of tourists enjoy the most and that they usually recommend to those visiting for the first time.

1.- Land activities: Although people usually come to Puerto Peñasco for the beach and the sea, there are land activities in Puerto Peñasco that will leave you with a feeling of never wanting to go.

  • Ride the dunes in an all-terrain vehicle: For those who love speed and adrenaline, we have this activity available for you to venture through the dunes of Sonora. Feel the air rush over your face while you live a great adventure. Remember to wear your protective equipment, such as a helmet, and follow the safety protocols.
  • Sandboarding: Continuing with the activities in Puerto Peñasco on the sand, another activity takes place early in the morning. Go with one of the guides so you can go on an excursion to the dunes and go sandboarding at full speed.
  • The Schuk Toak Museum: Outside of speed and adrenaline, there is another activity you can do in the desert more peacefully. This activity in Puerto Peñasco offers multiple interactive activities about the Pinacate Reserve. Of course, you can also enjoy the flora and fauna the reserve offers, which are only a few minutes away from Puerto Peñasco.

2.- Activities in the sky: Activities in the air have significantly increased and, as with the activities on land, have a high level of adrenaline that will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

  • Travel in an ultralight: Crossing Sandy Beach at high speed through the winds is possible thanks to these colorful aircraft known as ultralights.
  • Parasailing: Flying through the skies while a speedboat pulls you at full speed is one of the most satisfying sensations in this kind of activity. You will feel like you are going into free fall on a parachute in the open sea. This type of activity can be done alone or in the company of a family member or friend.

3.- Activities by the sea: Since the beaches are the main tourist attraction of this place, it is inevitable to have activities in Puerto Peñasco near the sea. 

  • Contemplate the Sea of Cortez: Perhaps one of the most common activities when visiting any beach; however, the difference is that here you can enjoy the crystal clear sea offered by the famous Mar Cortes.
  • Sailing the sea: Renting a jet ski to go into the sea or one of the classic banana boats that some locals offer to tourists is an experience not to be missed.
  • Book a tourist boat: If you want to visit places only a boat can reach, this is undoubtedly one of the activities in Puerto Peñasco that best suits your needs. Go on a boat excursion and contemplate the immensity of the coast, where you will probably see some dolphins while enjoying good music and drinks during the day or at sunset. A favorite activity for those who like to take pictures of extraordinary landscapes.

Visit Puerto Peñasco in any season of the year.

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