In recent years, Puerto Peñasco has earned great popularity as one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Mexico. One of the main reasons is the great variety of activities it offers to escape from routine, since there is an ideal place to please every taste.

This has helped to increase the number of tourists traveling from other countries to Mexico with the idea of spending an incredible vacation, however; there are several doubts regarding safety in Puerto Peñasco, so just how safe is it to spend a vacation in these beautiful beaches?

Safety is a priority

Offering a safe environment for both residents and tourists is one of the main priorities of Puerto Peñasco, precisely because of this, security is maintained not only in the city but also on the road, through the Safe Corridor tourists can travel with peace of mind.
Specialized equipment is available to prevent any kind of mishap that may occur during your trip. Surveillance cameras, road assistance and effective communication are just a part of the things that are prepared to ensure a safe trip, and there is also the support of specialized corporations at different levels.

In other words, tourists can count on a safe environment at all times, even if your tire has a puncture, you can count on immediate assistance.
But these are just some of the measures that are being taken to ensure that tourists have a safe vacation. One of the current precautions being taken is following the necessary protocols to avoid Covid-19 infections as much as possible, in order to protect the health of tourists and local inhabitants.

Safety during pandemic times

The World Health Organization (WHO) has established protocols that must be followed to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic from wreaking further havoc. These protocols, as well as other sanitation measures, are required by the Mexican Ministry of Health in order to ensure that establishments are in adequate conditions.

Therefore, restaurants, Puerto Penasco hotels and local establishments follow the various sanitary measures to the letter. Masks, antibacterial gel and keeping a healthy distance are just some of the protocols that are being followed and it is also very common to disinfect the most frequented areas.

Another thing you should know about covid-19 and safety in Mexico is that an “Epidemiological Risk Stoplight” is used. Through this traffic light you can know how safe it is to travel from another country or state to Puerto Peñasco, as it reflects how serious each city is in relation to the pandemic.

The color green represents a low and safe level of risk, yellow a medium level and orange shows a high level, so it is necessary to take more precautions. In case the traffic light reaches red, it is recommended not to leave home unless it is really necessary, as this is the highest level of risk.
It is recommended that in the event of presenting any symptoms, the affected person should be kept in isolation in order to prevent contagion.

Safe lodging

If you are looking for a place to vacation with your family, it is necessary for it to be a location that can provide you with the security you need, so that your only concern is to have a fun vacation, hence it is important to take into account some tips that can help you make a better choice.

A good location

It is advisable to choose a hotel that is well located, as this will allow you to enjoy all the activities, and even make it easier to spend the time you want outside the hotel without worrying about the distance you travel.

Good staff

Looking at reviews about the hotel can be a great help to know if the staff is good or bad before making a reservation, doing this also gives you a clearer idea about the quality they work with.

Good facilities

The hotel must have good facilities to ensure that a great stay is offered, since a hotel with problems in terms of its amenities can end up spoiling your vacation.

Hotel security

Reading reviews from other tourists and researching the services offered by the hotel can be of great help when making a decision. It is important to take into account if the hotel offers services focused on children if you plan to travel with your family.

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We are located in a strategic area for tourists to walk on the beach, play sports or visit a tourist site. In addition, within the resort we have everything you need to enjoy an incredible vacation, so even if you don’t want to leave the property you will have fun.

Safety has been one of our main priorities, that’s why at Las Palmas we are dedicated to create totally safe environments for the whole family. You can relax while the little ones play, so if you are looking for an ideal place to vacation, Puerto Peñasco is what you need.

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