Puerto Peñasco has become the favorite place for foreigners and Mexican residents to vacation and even celebrate celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, or national and international festivities.

Imagine being able to celebrate any holiday individually or with your loved ones in front of one of the three most beautiful beaches in Mexico, enjoying the life that this curious port has, both day and night. Well, this is already possible in Puerto Peñasco.

Everything Puerto Peñasco has to offer you

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Puerto Peñasco offers you a whole sea of activities that you can enjoy to make your celebration a success.

In addition to having several lodging options for the days, you consider necessary, from Puerto Peñasco all-inclusive hotels to condos in Rocky Point.

Winter Festivities

Many people ask themselves: How can I enjoy the beaches of Puerto Peñasco during the winter holidays? Of course, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up, and as it is well known, these holidays are exclusive to winter, a season where it gets colder and occasionally rains. Fortunately, the beaches of Puerto Peñasco offer year-round warm weather, making Rocky Point the ideal place to avoid the cold and enjoy Christmas differently.

Celebrating any day of the year in any season without worrying about whether the weather will be too cold or too windy is possible in Puerto Peñasco.

Festivities from abroad

Since Puerto Peñasco is a place that receives people from all over the world, they do not miss the opportunity to celebrate their national festivities. For example, it is very common to see Americans celebrating the 4th of July (Independence Day in the United States) on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, or how about the famous Halloween, where they take the opportunity to have costume parties and give candy to children. These types of celebrations added to the Mexican party culture, forming a cultural phenomenon where both sides have a pleasant experience.

Lodging at an affordable cost

While we have already talked about the wonderful weather Puerto Peñasco offers and how it is one of the most famous tourist areas for foreigners, we must also talk about another outstanding feature that makes it even more attractive, its favorite hotels.

Rocky Point offers a wide variety of places to stay without having to worry about high costs, as they perfectly fit your needs and offer the highest quality service. Avoid Puerto Peñasco house rentals at high prices that usually increase during the holiday season, and enjoy a room in one of the many Puerto Peñasco hotels with an ocean view.

Las Palmas, where you can celebrate any festivity

The perfect place to celebrate any festivity, from national holidays, international celebrations, or more personal festivals (birthdays, weddings, etc.), is in Rocky Point, and it is Las Palmas. 

In Las Palmas, you can find the ideal place to celebrate any event. And the best thing is that we have options that include logistics services so that you don’t have to worry about the event’s organization and leave everything in the expert hands of highly trained personnel.

Don’t wait any longer… Puerto Peñasco is waiting for you!

We have the best spaces and facilities to enjoy the best events or vacations in Puerto Peñasco and state-of-the-art security everywhere.

Check our website for the different options we have for you in Las Palmas and be part of the thousands of tourists who enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rocky Point.