Puerto Peñasco is one of the tourist destinations in Mexico that you shouldn’t miss because it offers a wide variety of recreational and cultural activities, along with quality facilities for a cozy stay. Among the advantages of visiting Puerto Peñasco are the pleasant weather, stunning beaches, strategic location, and ideal resorts for vacationing.


Aquatic or outdoor activities are an excellent option in the case of visiting Puerto Peñasco since the weather is suitable for them. The predominant temperature in Puerto Peñasco is warm with an average monthly temperature of 82°F in the summertime and from 60°F to 75°F in the wintertime. Considering both seasons, on average the climate remains stable and is ideal to enjoy very active vacations.

Foreign Communities

Puerto Peñasco is known for its proximity to the United States, as it is located at a strategic point that allows easy access for foreigners to the city, as it can be easily driven from Arizona, Phoenix, and Tucson, arriving at their destination in just a few hours.
As a result, in addition to being a city known as “Arizona Beach”, communities of American foreigners continue to grow in Puerto Peñasco, and if you are a foreigner planning to take a vacation in Rocky Point, you can be sure that you will find more people from your community who will make you feel at home while you enjoy the great scenery and recreational activities.

Beautiful beaches

Vacations at the beach are a way to spend a pleasant time with family, friends, or a partner, however; we must take into account the quality of the beach we will visit to further enhance our experience. In the case of Puerto Peñasco, it is not a problem at all to find some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, among them, are Playa Arenosa, Playa Bonita, and Sandy Beach.
Sandy Beach is a beach with fine sands and relaxed waters that allow tourists to have a safe stay in the place and carry out an endless number of water activities such as swimming, diving, surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and water skiing, besides being recognized as a place where nautical competitions are practiced.

Night Cruises

The sunsets in Puerto Peñasco are a landscape that you should not miss for any reason, and what better way to appreciate them than on a yacht or catamaran. The city of Rocky Point offers several options for trips on the sea, where it is possible to enjoy a few drinks, a view of aquatic animals, lunch or dinner, and of course a radiant sunset that will captivate you. This is a great option for special occasions where you can enjoy a romantic ride that will build a pleasant and unforgettable memory.


If you are planning a vacation in Puerto Peñasco you should know the best hotel options in the city to guarantee an excellent trip and enjoy a comfortable space. To identify the kind of resort worth renting you should take into account the benefits and quality of the facilities offered, among the most important amenities to consider, are: 24-hour security, heated pools, impeccable hygiene, spa, gourmet restaurant, parking, internet connection and a strategic location that allows you to move around quickly.

Las Palmas Beachfront Resort is known for being one of the most prestigious Puerto Penasco hotels in Rocky Point, we offer a wide variety of services and amenities, besides having an excellent location to enjoy the beautiful beaches that surround the city of Puerto Peñasco such as Sandy Beach.