It is safe to say that in a relatively short time, Puerto Peñasco has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. It has even become one of the favorite getaway spots for many Americans, as it is the perfect place to spend an incredible vacation.
Even so, there are many people that don’t know what Puerto Peñasco is known for, since they know there are many other interesting places to visit. The truth is that there are several things that make Puerto Peñasco one of the more perfect tourist destinations to spend a vacation with the family.

Reasons to visit Puerto Peñasco

Let’s start by talking about the weather, which is usually warm and pleasant even on winter days, allowing for a variety of outdoor activities. In addition, if you are a nature lover you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Peñasco, but that is only a small piece of what it has to offer.

You can also get to know the flora and fauna of the place, making it ideal if you like photography or spending time with nature while strolling. Thanks to its biodiversity, it has become an ecological reserve for the preservation of endemic species.

Paradise beaches

If you enjoy beaches, then you should know that one of the main characteristics of Puerto Peñasco is its 55 miles of coastline. These beaches are guaranteed to be fun for tourists.

An amazing desert

The thought of venturing out on a tour through the desert, to experience all it has to offer, is undoubtedly something very exciting. That is why the desert has become another reason for Puerto Peñasco to be visited by hundreds of tourists.

Fun for all

If instead of relaxing on the beach, you are looking for a fun-filled vacation, then you should know that Puerto Peñasco has it all. Here you will find activities for every taste, you can go to one of the clubs or have fun in the water, either fishing or with any of the other activities.

Sports such as surfing the waves, running, walking or touring the beaches in a 4×4, are just some of the activities commonly performed by tourists. In fact, due to the type of weather that Puerto Peñasco usually has, it is very common for sports activities to take place throughout the year.

La Ballena Hill

This is one of the most striking tourist areas of Puerto Peñasco, where you can see the city’s lighthouse. You can also get to know the friendliness of the local people, making it a great experience.

A rich cuisine

Without a doubt one of the main reasons why Puerto Peñasco is known is for its delicious gastronomy. There are hundreds of restaurants where tourists can try typical Mexican food, and Puerto Peñasco specialties, but there is also food for all tastes.
You can find both restaurants that offer international food, as well as restaurants that specialize in vegan and vegetarian food.

Affordable lodging

Usually when talking about Puerto Penasco hotels, very often we hear about the affordable prices they usually have. This is because being a popular tourist destination, it is necessary to have competitive prices that can be adapted to the tourists’ budget.

Also, most things are usually more affordable in Mexico, which makes it easier for tourists to spend their vacations here. But affordable prices are not all that a good hotel can offer, they also usually have everything necessary for tourists to have fun without the need to go out.

Gym, spa, water slides, heated pools and jacuzzis are just some of the amenities that can be found in Puerto Peñasco hotels.

Quality service

The quality of the work in Puerto Peñasco has been one of its main characteristics for years. Most of the establishments seek to offer good customer service, meaning that tourists are usually delighted with the professionalism displayed in their work.

Variety of festivals

Although it is visited by hundreds of tourists throughout the year, it is during February that the cultural festival of the desert begins. There is also the shrimp festival and a wide variety of sporting events in the dunes, but this is only a small part.

Being close to the United States, it is very common for young tourists to have their own parties in the streets, allowing both locals and other tourists to have fun.

Tips for your visit to Puerto Peñasco

Since Puerto Peñasco can offer you an endless number of experiences, the best thing to do is to plan the activities that you are going to do. Otherwise it may be difficult to live all the unforgettable adventures that this beautiful place has to offer.
Take time to explore

To make the most of your vacation, you can take some time to explore the city’s tourist attractions. Take into account the time you are going to invest so that you can organize all your activities more easily.

Choose a good hotel

Renting a room in a hotel that is located in a strategic area can be of great help to not miss out on the fun. That way it will be much easier for you to go from one part of town to another without having to worry about running out of energy.

A good alternative is Las Palmas. In this hotel we have everything you need to ensure that your vacation will be phenomenal. We have a wide variety of services including a children’s pool and a game room, so both you and your family can have fun to the fullest.

You can choose the house that best suits you in front of the beach and don’t worry about space, because we have from 3 to 4 bedrooms in each one of them.