All families need to take vacations from time to time, routines, confinement, and especially stress can affect family relationships. That is why a good rest in a heavenly place like Rocky Point, is an excellent destination to vacation with the whole family.

Here we will tell you what are some of the things you can do as a family in Puerto Peñasco.
More and more things worry and stress all members of the family. So, a well-deserved vacation is fun and necessary.

Why is it important for families to vacation together?

It is during childhood that most of the family memories that will follow the person are formed. These memories, when they are pleasant, will become a refuge to which they will go when life gets heavy.

But in addition to spending great moments together, forming beautiful memories, and taking incredible photos. Family vacations help us have stronger ties with each family member because in the best hotels in Rocky Point there are activities that can connect members of different generations.

What family activities can be done at Rocky Point?

Rocky Point is one of the most interesting and attractive tourist destinations of Mexico, it is a paradisiacal place as it is located between the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of ​​Cortez. In Puerto Peñasco there are all kinds of tourist attractions, such as golf courses, nightclubs, children’s games, restaurants, and more.

Some resorts offer amenities like an outdoor pool, hot tubs, and heated pools.

Each hotel complex has its amenities, but some resorts have special spaces for young children. Guarded wading pool, children’s games, slide, and games room. So, parents can enjoy their vacation without worrying that their little ones are bored or in danger.
Of course, some activities can be done directly on the beach such as playing volleyball, swimming, running, and building sandcastles with the children. Each of them will depend on the tastes of each family and the availability of the place.

An ideal tourist destination for couples and spectacular weddings

Puerto Peñasco is one of the favorite maritime tourist destinations for couples, its privacy and the incredible beauty of the place make it a romantic corner. That is why many American couples travel to Rocky Point for their honeymoon or to celebrate their wedding with the

wonderful landscape of the always crystalline Sea of ​​Cortez.

Many couples seek to have a perfect wedding photo facing the sea, this is easy, on the sand of the beach that contrasts with the deep blue of the Sea. Likewise, they are ideal to celebrate a romantic and beautiful wedding on the beach.

A paradise for lovers of good gastronomy

In Puerto Peñasco, as well as many other maritime tourist destinations in Mexico, you can find exquisite cuisine. Sonoran food is internationally famous for its exquisite flavor and for the freshness of its ingredients that fuse sea and land, in several of its dishes.
In Rocky Point, you can find dishes as delicious and varied as machaca, chimichangas, cahuamanta, and more. In addition to typical sweets, there are traditional drinks such as Bacanora, a type of mezcal originated in Sonora that is highly appreciated by connoisseurs.
So, there are several restaurants that we can find in our visit to Rocky Point, some with a more modern style and another more traditional. It depends on the taste of each family to choose a modern restaurant or to enjoy a more picturesque and traditional place.
In addition to the many restaurants that exist throughout Puerto Peñasco, some restaurants are in the tourist complexes. Depending on their location, some have ocean views and kid-friendly amenities or are more formal, ideal for couples or business meetings.

There are bars and canteens for all tastes and budgets

As a large part of North American tourists visit Rocky Point, some young people want to enjoy their family vacations. There is a wide range of bars for all tastes. All of them with a wide variety of national and international drinks.
There are places like Las Palmas, where there is a pool bar, ideal for holding pool parties.

Tips for choosing a good hotel and resort

Traveling on vacation with the family should always be planned, and among the most important decisions is the choice of the resort where everyone will stay. There are some guidelines to make it easier to choose a good hotel or resort that is comfortable for the whole family.
Excellent service

The reputation of a hotel is important, this can tell us how much or little tourists enjoyed it, although it should be clarified that some tourists may leave a bad opinion for reasons unrelated to the hotel. So, the idea is to see the general opinions of the place to have a clearer idea.

High-security levels

Safety is a priority on every vacation, but especially if you are traveling with children. That is why choosing a place like Las Palmas Resorts is a good idea. This resort has all the security measures, lighting in parking lots, surveillance in swimming pools and entertainment venues, and our staff is prepared for emergencies.

Las Palmas Resorts is a safe choice for family vacations since we have all the mentioned amenities and amusements. In addition, we have group packages for American tourists to enjoy their vacations at a low cost. In our kid-friendly resort, our guests have access to a private beach, and in our rentals, you can find a private kitchen, which is ideal for families, a stunning view to enjoy the sunset, outdoor swimming pools, and more. So, we invite you to meet us.