Rocky Point is one of the favorite tourist destinations for North Americans traveling to Mexico, because of its natural landscapes, which are among the most beautiful in the country. In addition, the proximity of Puerto Peñasco to Arizona makes it a very suitable destination for vacation travel.

That is why it is important before making reservations at a resort to assess the features they offer, not only in terms of amenities, but in general. Sometimes it’s the little details that ruin a great vacation, therefore it’s important to pay attention to everything that resorts in Puerto Peñasco have to offer.

What details should we look for when booking a resort in Puerto Peñasco?

Before making a reservation at any resort in Puerto Peñasco, we must look at certain attributes from each resort. No matter how similar they may be, always have certain differences; a good way to get an idea of which one is best for you is to visit their website.

On the web pages of each resort you will find the services, amenities and other things they offer, such as deals and discounts. It is on the websites of the resorts that we can get a first idea about important points to take into account, such as security, services and facilities.

It is very important before booking a resort that you take a look at its facilities, for example: if they have swimming pools, restaurants, bars. If you are traveling with food, it is important to check if the resort allows the introduction of food or if it has kitchens in the rooms.

In the facilities we should also check if there is a parking lot with surveillance, if there is a guardhouse and video surveillance cameras in the resort.

If any of the people staying at the resort has a disability, it is important before making a reservation to verify if the facilities have special access. For example: ramps, some elevators or splash pads and pools with handrails.

Many times people overlook whether or not there are green areas in the resorts, but these green areas have more functions than just beautifying the place as they help, for example, to have better weather both inside and outside.

The kind of vacation
It is different when traveling on vacation to relax and reduce stress or for health reasons, than when traveling to visit tourist areas. When people come to Punta Peñasco to relax, they spend most of their time at the resort and not in places with more activities.

That is why it is important to look for a resort that has amenities such as a swimming pool, spa or gym, since such commodities promote relaxation.

You should also consider whether you want to vacation alone or with family and friends in a group. Most resorts have special packages for couples, families and congresses. These packages usually have a lower cost as the number of travelers occupying the rooms increases.

Restaurants or food services
Another of the attributes that should be taken into account is whether the resort has special food services, such as typical or regional dishes. This is quite important when traveling to a tourist destination with a strong gastronomic tradition, as it is part of the experience of visiting another place.

It is important to check if some food prices are included in the accommodations, if they have promotions or discounts, some resorts , for example, have special menus at low prices or included in some packages.
Resorts may also have restaurants in their facilities or have promotions with other restaurants in the region. This helps U.S. tourists find good places to eat.

If you are traveling with a family member who is allergic to any food or has special dietary requirements, it is important to inform the hotel. This way the food services will be prepared for any special request.

Security is very important when booking a hotel, as we have already mentioned, security should be a priority for every hotel. But it is also equally important that there is security in the areas surrounding the resort.

A resort that is in a quiet area with a low violence rate is the most appropriate for a safe vacation. Fortunately, Puerto Peñasco hotels are located in quiet and totally safe places for visitors and locals.

Room selection
Before booking any room, it is important to know which type is best suited to your needs. Sometimes, costs can be reduced a little if instead of booking separate rooms for certain family members, you book shared rooms.

Some resorts have several beds in the same room, which helps a lot to save money when traveling in a group. This way the expenses can be divided among the members of the group, allowing you to better invest the money in more amenities or in better food or services.

One of the best resorts in Puerto Peñasco?
Thanks to the services we offer and the quality with which we work, Las Palmas has become one of the best resorts in Puerto Peñasco. Within our facilities, tourists can find rooms that adapt to their needs, as well as games specially designed for them and their family’s fun.

Our resort is ideal for family vacations and large groups, since they can book more than 1 room, have more privacy, and even have more than one bathroom. You can also have your own kitchen, which is more comfortable and economical for vacations in large groups.
Both inside and outside the resort you will be able to spend incredible moments, because we have everything you need to guarantee that your vacations will be the best.