Booking a beachfront hotel to enjoy a vacation to the fullest is an excellent idea and to achieve this, it is essential to evaluate the amenities that the different hotel and resort options have. Each of the amenities are of great importance to identify the position in which the hotel or resort is located with respect to the quality of its services and experience. Before evaluating the options, it is convenient to ask ourselves what we expect during our stay at the hotel, in order to take as a reference the main amenities that seem most relevant and necessary for our trip.

Pools and Jacuzzis

The comfort areas of swimming pools and Jacuzzis are ideal for moments of relaxation, in addition to providing mental health benefits, since they reduce stress, anxiety and significantly improve people’s mood. By staying at a beachfront hotel or resort you can enjoy the beach and the sand, a Jacuzzi guarantees you more privacy and maximizes your state of relaxation, as well as a pool provides greater security for you and your family, taking into account that water and pool maintenance in general is also essential, being considered a hygienic space.


Bars are the perfect place to connect with other people, so if during your stay you are looking to meet more guests who can share quality time with you, considering a hotel or resort that offers this type of service is an excellent option. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a quick meeting, to deal with business matters or personal situations, a bar is also a discreet place, with adequate lighting, wifi and plugs for electronic devices, which can offer a pleasant space for this kind of occasion.

Spa massages

Undergoing a spa treatment is an experience of complete wellness, even more so if you decide to enjoy this experience during your hotel stay. These treatments have unparalleled benefits such as recharging energy to finish the vacation, it is a space to disconnect, keeps nerves under control, relaxes the muscles of the body, joints and reduces fatigue, in addition to completely improving the appearance of the skin.

Club House

Offering this type of amenity in a hotel is ideal to gather with friends and family and have a fun and pleasant time, besides being a space that provides comfort and security, since the different recreational activities that can be carried out are ideal to relax and enjoy this space for a long time.

Gourmet Restaurants

We must consider that there are services that are essential for a hotel stay, such as the gourmet restaurant, because most tourists are looking for a full service in which they can have fewer complications when organizing their trip, saving time in searching for food and having to commute to other locations if the trip is expected to stay inside the hotel, so a hotel that has a gourmet restaurant service will be responsible for delighting the palates of its customers by providing quality food.

Children’s attractions

Considering that the hotel where we will stay has attractions for children is one of the most important aspects if you are planning a family trip, since the little ones also expect to have a lot of fun. Being a beachfront hotel, it is expected that children will spend a long time in the sand and the sea, however; the fact that the hotel has recreational areas for children in its facilities such as slides in pools, supports another means of entertainment that are safer and more appealing to children.

At Las Palmas Beachfront Resort you will find each one of these amenities, guaranteeing you the highest quality and comfort for you to enjoy your vacation in one of the best Puerto Penasco hotels. Our staff will assist you in every step of your reservation and help you in case you need it, both in the United States and in Mexico.