Without a doubt, it can be said that Mexico is the best option to spend the holidays because our country has everything necessary to satisfy all tastes. Unlike other countries, in Mexico you can find a great diversity of natural resources, it is very rich in history and has a great culture.
In addition to that, the taste of Mexican gastronomy is the favorite of millions of people around the world, for this reason, our gastronomy is recognized worldwide. The geographical location in which Mexico is located and the variety of climates it has is another factor that has made it a famous tourist destination.

Where is Puerto Peñasco?

Although there are many tourist places that Mexico can offer, Puerto Peñasco is increasingly popular, the reasons are many, but one of the main ones is its incredible weather.
Puerto Peñasco is a beautiful city that is located in the northwest of the state of Sonora, it can be located near the great Altar desert. Originally this city began as a small fishing field because in 1927 the fishermen only traveled there to stay during the fishing season.
As time went by, fishermen from places like Guaymas, Puerto Libertad, Puerto Lobos and Bahía Kino began to go. With the idea of ​​not missing the fishing seasons, these fishermen began to settle and by 1929 the area was already known as Rocky Point or Puerto Peñasco.

What activities can be done there?

It is common that some tourists when they hear about Puerto Peñasco for the first time, think that it is a very small city and that there will not be many activities to do. Although this idea is very far from reality, the truth is that Puerto Peñasco is one of the largest cities in Sonora.
Visit the Malecón Fundadores
If you are thinking of spending a relaxing time and at the same time distracting yourself from anything that may cause you some stress, then you should walk along Malecón Fundadores. There you can find different types of establishments with which you can distract yourself, and you can even see different pieces of art.

The beaches are the best

Without a doubt, one of the best things about going on vacation to the beach is that you can sunbathe, swim, eat and rest without having to go far. You can say that you have everything in the same place, also the water is usually warm most of the year so you can always enjoy it.
The Cerro de la Ballena
If you like to exercise and at the same time enjoy nature, then you cannot miss climbing the Cerro de la Ballena. This hill is located near Puerto Viejo and El Mirador, so you can enjoy a good walk and appreciate the sea and the city with spectacular views.

San Jorge Island

If the observation of biodiversity is your thing, then you must visit the archipelago of San Jorge, since it is one of the most important flora and fauna reserves in the city. There you can observe the incredible fauna such as the sea lions or the fishing bat.
The great Altar deserts
Declared a World Heritage Site in 2013, the Great Altar Desert is another of the tourist sites that you can visit in Puerto Peñasco.

Visit the aquarium

If you are more interested in marine life, but at the same time you want to be closer to shops and restaurants to be able to distract yourself, then you should visit the CET-MAR Aquarium. It is a place where you can not only observe part of the flora and fauna of the place but also interact with them.
In this place, you can have contact with different animals such as sea lions and some turtles.
The Carnival

Without a doubt, one of the most attractive features of Puerto Peñasco is its carnival, which in addition to being very fun, also attracts attention thanks to its costumes and floats. Also, if music is your thing, you can visit Puerto Peñasco at the end of March, which is when the international jazz festival begins.
At this festival, you will be able to listen to excellent instrumentalists and groups, whose fame is not only national but often also international.

As mentioned before, Mexican gastronomy is unique in the world and its flavor is usually the favorite of many. However, each state and city has its style of food, so you always have to allow yourself to try the typical gastronomy.
In Puerto Peñasco one of the most famous typical dishes is the “caguamanta”, which is a specially prepared stingray fillet. Fish is also widely consumed, but these are some of the dishes that are commonly prepared.

How is the climate of Puerto Peñasco?

Puerto Peñasco has the advantage of having warm weather most of the year, so you can visit at any time to have a good time. Even so, it is common to visit it during the summer as it is usually more attractive due to the sea breeze.
In the summer it is the best time to go, because its average temperature is 30°. But also it is important to know that summer is considered the hottest season. Its nice weather allows tourists to enjoy the beach, sun, clouds while relaxing, discovering popular spots, or doing outdoor activities.
At night in the summer you can enjoy the brightest stars and the sky illumination while doing a bonfire with your loved ones.
The coldest season to plan your vacation is in December and January. If you are planning to go during that season you should consider that you may not be able to enjoy the beach.

Best places to stay

As it is a tourist city that is increasingly popular within and outside of Mexico, it is necessary to provide good accommodation. Taking that into consideration, hotels usually offer services that have the quality that the tourist is expecting.
Although many hotels can be found in Puerto Peñasco, one of the most professional is Las Palmas Resort. Thanks to the good service we provide, we have managed to be considered one of the best hotels in Rocky Point.
With us, you can find affordable prices, incredible rooms, outdoor activities, and everything you need so that you can spend a moment of relaxation. For us, your comfort is our priority, that’s why we offer you everything to make your experience unforgettable.